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Bad, very cruel bondage

bondage cartoons

Bruce Bond is one of very few torturers who don’t use gags solely as accessories – this kink understands that keeping his hoes quiet at all times is a must so he never leaves their mouths unoccupied filling them either with the gags or with his shaft! Watch him get the best of his writhing and moaning (yet relatively silent) slavegirls’ bodies on these sizzling hot artworks by really skillful artists!

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Bondage cartoons

bondage cartoons

Looks like this time Bruce Bond is in perfect mood for some pussy destruction – and his cock surely won’t be the only tool he will use in order to complete this exciting mission of his! Two strings of huge anal beads, pliers for tugging on someone’s pussy lips that are not big enough and a thick metal pole to impale someone’s snatch onto‚Ķ Nice arsenal, huh? Watch it get used!

Best Bondage Cartoons

Tortured woman

bondage cartoons

Tonight Bruce Bond has got a whole lot of work to do – there are several extraordinarily seductive chicks waiting for him to torture them with no mercy and probe their holes with his dick. Of course, he can’t take care of them all at once – watch him cruise them one-by-one sticking his cigar into this or that snatch while using his dick on another one! Man, he’s a perfect master!

Bond Adventures :

torture cartoons

New cartoon bondage

There are obscene cartoon bondage scenes at the train. The way is very long. As you see bondage sex will be very long too. So unhappy innocent girl. She will be fucked very much time by Bruce Bond. Her vagina will be much bigger after. Oh, she will be bounded by dirty Bruce.

bondage cartoon bondage cartoon

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